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Built-in level Wasserwaage®


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Key features

BUILT-IN LEVEL Wasserwaage®

Additional value of this system is its aesthetic finishing and PRECISE VERTICAL ALIGNMENT OF THE ROOF-VENT due to the usage of WASSERWAGE level, which distinguishes us from other producers.

In order to meet our customers' expectations, WIRPLAST has equipped their roof-vents with new and precise WASSERWAGE assemblage system. It is an innovative solution on the Polish market which has been registered in Patent Office of the Republic of Poland. This technology allows an easy and effective leveling of the roof-vent on the roof slope.

Built-in level - bubble level allows to set the surfaces or straight lines vertically or horizontally without an impact on the aesthetic of the offered product.

Equipping the roof-vent with bubble level, built-in centrally in the middle of its top, allows an experienced roofer to precisely set the roof-vent vertically singlehanded.

Roof-vents with built-in WASSERWAAGE level provide numerous advantages such as:
• precise and effortless montage;
• shorter time of montage;
• aesthetic presence of the mounted roof-vent.