Chimney Caps

Chimney caps – non-standard solutions

Chimney caps are manufactured to individual order. They are matched to given external dimensions of chimney and air-ducts. The caps seal the top surface of the chimney perfectly from corrosion and create, both with the chimney pots, a complete system that protects air-ducts from wind, rain and snow penetration.

Types of chimney pots mounted on chimney caps:
1. ALFAWENT – round chimney pot
2. TULIPAN – rotating chimney pot
3. ALFAWENT PLUS – chimney pot with electric fan
4. BETAWENT – rectangular chimney pot

Standard colors of chimney caps:
1. Brown - RAL 8017
2. Graphite - RAL 7024

1alfawent2alfawent_plus3tulipan           4betawent1betawent2betawent3

1 chimney cap with ALFAWENT pots, 2 chimney cap with ALFAWENT PLUS pots, 3 chimney cap with TULIPAN pots, 4  chimney cap with BETAWENT pots for one-row air-brick in vertical allignment.



Wirplast chimney caps - brochure download pdf
Wirplast chimney caps - montage download pdf

In order to measure the chimney with openings, the two X,Y bases of the chimney should be used. The measurement relies upon giving all the dimensions from the edge of the chimney to the beginning, and to the end of the openings. With this, mistakes would be avoided.



















Chimney pot - ALFAWENT - thanks to its dimensions it can be used both in one- and multi-row air-ducts in the process of natural ventilation. The pot can be fixed separately on mounting adapter or on chimney cap which provides sealing security. The ring structure of the pot allows to generate efficient draught in the air-duct in the process of natural ventilation.




Chimney pot with electric fan ALFAWENT Plus - chimney pot with electric fan designed for forced air exhaustion from blocks of flats and public utility buildings. Thanks to its dimensions it can be fixed on mounting adapter or chimney cap both in one- and multi-row air-ducts in the process of natural ventilation. The advantage of the pot is its silent-running and efficient electric motor produced by company of high reputation - EBM. Efficiency: 305 m3/h, with the option of variable adjustment with the usage of speed controller.






Chimney pot - BETAWENT - rectangular chimney pot, that guarantees ideal matching to both vertical and horizontal air-bricks. Designed to be mounted at the end of air-ducts in blocks of flats, in industrial and public utility buildings. It can be fixed on chimney cap or directly on the air-duct with the use of rectangular mounting adapter. Available are: N – low and W – high pots. They can be fixed alternately on multi-row air-bricks (vertical or horizontal).




Rotating chimney pot - TULIPAN - rotating chimney pot is a device dynamically using the wind force to support draught in the air-duct. Regardless to wind direction and its strength the turbine is always turning itself in one direction. It is mounted on chimneys working in the process of natural ventilation, especially in single- and multi-family buildings. The construction of the pot allows it to be placed on air-ducts located close to each other.




adapter               pustak                           pustak2                nasada_i_pustak

Mounting adapter - round. Designed to mount Alfawent, Alfawent Plus and Tulipan roof-vents directly on air-bricks.


Mounting adapter - rectangular. Designed to mount Betawent roof-vents directly on a vertical or horizontal air-brick. The adapter can be regulated in the range of 160-170 and 110-120 mm, so that it could be fit to the whole in the air-brick.


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